Peer Ambassadors

Health Professions Peer Ambassadors (HPPAs) are UConn undergraduate students who are pursuing a health-professions track alongside diverse major plans of study and are involved in the greater university community in many ways. They work closely with the Office of Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advising to share their experiences and mentor other students throughout their pre-professional journeys. HPPAs attend various office group advising sessions, workshops, and campus outreach events and are available for weekly in-person drop-in and virtual drop-in mentoring hours.

Please click on the profiles below for individual biographies, “specialty” topics, 1:1 peer mentoring hours, or to send a question to an individual HPPA using the Ask a Question form.

NOTE: There are certain topics of conversation that are best addressed during a 1:1 appointment with a staff advisor from our office. If an HPPA does not think that they are the best person to address your questions, they may refer you to a staff advisor. The following are some sample topics that staff advisors versus HPPAs are best equipped to address.

When to meet with an HPPA:

  • Exploring pathways for becoming engaged in clinical, service, or research opportunities  
  • Balancing schoolwork and co-curricular engagement
  • Learning about study/test-taking strategies that have worked for them
  • Transferring from a regional UConn campus to Storrs as a pre-health professional student
  • Developing leadership skills

When to meet with a staff advisor:

  • Discussing whether to accept AP or ECE credit or not
  • Engaging in in-depth conversations about coursework, grades, and standardized test scores
  • Gauging your readiness to apply to health professional schools
  • Speaking about specific aspects of your health professions school application


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Aesha Acevedo
Anthony Antony
Keely Greiner
Nour Al Zouabi
Qristine Owusu
Yulianny De Los Santos