Course Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Medical and Dental School

Note: Please visit the tables and references listed below for expectations/requirements of specific medical and dental schools of interest.

  • Biology: BIOL 1107 + 1108
  • Chemistry: CHEM 1124 + 1125 + 1126 or CHEM 1127 + 1128
  • Organic Chemistry: CHEM 2443 + 2444 +2445
  • Biochemistry: MCB 2000 (requirement varies for dental schools)
  • Physics: PHYS 1201 + 1202 (w/ Algebra) or PHYS 1401 + 1402 (w/ Calculus) or PHYS 1501 + 1502 (for engineers)
  • English: One year (two semesters) of English classes
  • Math/StatisticsMath requirements vary by school. 
    • most medical schools recommend 1-2 semesters of college-level mathematics, such as one semester of Statistics and/or one semester of Calculus (please see school-specific information below)
    • some dental schools require Statistics or Calculus; the DAT includes basic Algebra
  • Strongly suggested science courses:
    • Genetics: MCB 2400/2410
    • Cell Biology: MCB 2210
    • Microbiology: MCB 2610 (required by some dental schools)
  • Suggested Behavioral and Social Sciences:

To explore the required and recommended pre-medical coursework for each school, including AP, community college and online course credits, please review the AMCAS MSAR Reports' Premedical Coursework Chart, as well as the tab on the top of the current webpage detailing Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policies.

NOTE: The specific courses recommended by the Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental Advising Office will meet the admission requirements of the ​majority​ of the medical and dental colleges in the United States. Visit the ADEA's page on dental school prerequisites for more information about dental school expectations. If you are interested in a particular medical or dental school, consult its catalog and/or the ​Medical School Admission Requirements​ (MSAR), Choose DO Explorer, or ​ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools to discover any course(s) specially required by that school.


Sample Course Timeline

As a way to help plan the trajectory of your coursework, review our Sample Course Timeline below. Note that only courses highlighted in yellow are required courses.  This represents the "traditional" timeline that sets students up to go straight into a health professions program after graduation—it does not account for a gap year trajectory or pursuing a pre-health path after freshman year, both of which are extremely viable and valuable options. Plans will vary for every student depending on your major and when you decide to dedicate yourself to a pre-health path, so make sure to discuss your plan with our office as well as your assigned academic advisor.

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