Reapplicants and Deferrals

Applying with Our Office

To apply with our office, reapplicants and previous cycle deferrals will need to follow the same process as all other applicants, which is outlined on the Applying with Our Office page. Every applicant will be expected to:

  1. Submit their Health Professions Applicant Portfolio,
  2. Participate in an Applicant Coaching Session, and
  3. Request letters of recommendation from their recommenders through the Health Professions Letter Packet.

Reapplicants and deferrals from the 2022 or 2023 cycle(s), who previously used the Quest Portal to submit their materials, will not be able to reuse their prior applications (HPAP + HPLP). You are still welcome to access your old responses and copy and paste information/passages as you wish, though we do encourage you to make edits, change responses, and use the time since your last application as inspiration to write with new perspective!

Due to the fact that our office switched from the committee/composite letter system to the letter packet system during the 2022 cycle, we are not able to reuse any existing committee letter—there will be no exceptions. We encourage you to attend our 2024 Cycle Application Orientation on Wednesday, January 25, 2022 at 6p.m. on WebEx if you would like to learn how/why our process has changed. A recording will be posted to our website after the event here for those who were unable to attend.

Note: As of the 2022 Application Cycle, we are no longer using our previous portal system and are now accepting application materials through the UConn Quest Portal. The questions asked in the new Health Professions Applicant Portfolio have been updated from the old portal to align with questions asked in primary and secondary applications and focus more on the core competencies. 

Letters of Recommendation

Many professional schools have become very strict in requiring that letters of recommendation be dated to the calendar year in which an applicant is applying. Committees may disregard old letters, especially those that are older than one year. As such, our office strongly recommends that you seek updated letters of recommendation, meaning that you reach out to your letter writers and ask that they–at a minimum–change the date on the letter. If you have maintained a relationship with the letter writer and they are able to add new information to their prior draft–i.e. write about added experiences since the last time you applied–they are encouraged to do so.

If you wish for our office to reuse old letters of recommendation, you will still need to formally request them through the Health Professions Letter Packet in Quest Portal using each recommender’s name and email address. You can include a personalized message in that request that no action is required on their behalf. Once you have initiated these requests, you can email our office directly at and ask us to upload the corresponding letters from our administrative end.

If you are a reapplicant or deferral from the 2022 or 2023 cycle, you will need to start a new HPLP for the 2024 cycle. You can reuse letters of recommendation, but the same process will hold as for all other reapplicants and deferrals.

Formal Application Services

If you are a formal reapplicant, meaning you submitted all aspects of your application and were reviewed by schools, most application services will allow you to “copy over” your previously entered information into a new application. To understand the procedures for each service, visit their respective websites–AMCASAACOMASAADSAS.