Reapplicants and Deferrals

Reapplicants and previous cycle deferrals will need to follow the same process for all applicants, outlined on our Application Process Timeline page, including:

  1. Submitting their Health Professions Applicant Portfolio,
  2. Participating in an Applicant Coaching Session, and
  3. Requesting updated letters of recommendation from their recommenders through the Health Professions Letter Packet.

We strongly encourage any dental applicants to submit their materials by May 1st.

Note: Many professional schools have become very strict in requiring letters of recommendation to be as up-to-date as possible and may disregard older letters. This is why it is important for you to request an updated letter via the Quest Portal.

The questions asked in the Health Professions Applicant Portfolio have been updated to align with questions asked in primary and secondary applications. Should you wish to access your previous answers on the “portal” for reference, you can follow the links below to access those components of your previous application: