Get Involved!

Involvement Opportunities

Eager to get involved and help UConn pre-health students on their journey? We have a number of opportunities to choose from that are outlined below. 

Workshops and Panels  

We are always looking for alumni to host workshops and serve on Chat with Alumni panels. Since spring 2020, these sessions have all been held virtually, recorded, and posted to our website. To view some of our past workshops, click here; to see past Chat with Alumni panels, click here.

Each fall semester, our office seeks to innovate around the topics we recruit for and discuss with our alumni. We attempt to offer programming that is diverse (Disabilities in Healthcare, LGBT+ in Healthcare, First-Generation in Healthcare), informative (Focus on Osteopathic Medicine, MD v. MD/PhD, Pathways to Medicine: Dental Medicine), and inspiring (Growth Years, Experiences Abroad, Work/Life Balance).

Each spring semester, our office provides programming that is focused on the application process, discussing topics like selecting schools to apply to, reapplication tips, and school spotlights.

We will begin recruiting for the fall semester shortly–check back here soon for the link to our new Qualtrics form!


Alumni Spotlights  

If you’re interested in sharing more about your journey in the health professions and the awesome wisdom you’ve gained along the way, let us spotlight you! This is a great way to connect with and encourage our current undergraduates as they begin their healthcare journey and demonstrate the many different paths to a career in healthcare.

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Interview Pairing Program  

This is a great opportunity for recent alumni–especially those currently in health professions school–to volunteer to be paired with current candidates who have been invited to interview. We pair alumni specifically with applicants that have been offered an interview at their institution. We hope that you’ll engage in an informal conversation and/or mock interview, as well as generally provide insight on the interview process and how to connect with with your institution’s committee.   

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There are still areas our office would like to expand into in order to provide our current students and future applicants with as many resources and as much information as possible. We are working on building the organizational capacity to offer the following;

Informational Interviews

Would you be willing to let a student/future applicants pick your brain about your healthcare journey? This is a great opportunity to connect with students who may not otherwise have a connection in healthcare and provide mentoring to students around things like finding your why, developing passions, and what it’s like being in health professions school.

Shadowing Opportunities  

Many students beginning their healthcare journey aren’t sure where to start to find shadowing opportunities; we would love to connect them with an opportunity you may have available. This will be particularly impactful for first-generation students and those without personal connections to the health professions.


Have an idea that isn’t included here? Contact us at to share.