PNB 3278 “Patient and Healer” Registration

The Patient and Healer course (PNB 3278) is described as being an “introductory grounding and experience for students interested in the healing professions in how patients and families experience illness, and what it’s like to be a professional health provider.”

This is a two-credit course taught by Dr. Keat Sanford, one of the pre-medical advisors in our office (to learn more about Dr. Sanford, read his advisor profile here). The course is offered each semester; any student interested in enrolling in the class needs to receive a permission number from our office.

The intake request form for Fall 2024 is now closed. All permission numbers have been issued for the course.

Note: We do NOT maintain a waitlist guaranteeing a seat for the course in any semester due to the volume of requests received by our office. Applicants to the course must submit a new appeal for consideration prior to each new semester if previously unsuccessful in obtaining a permission number.