Career Exploration

There are many different paths to finding a career in healthcare. Our office encourages pre-health students to actively explore the variety of health career options to ensure that they are pursuing a profession that will be personally and professionally fulfilling and a good fit for their strengths, interests and long-term goals.

Exploration in the health professions should occur through dedicated personal exploration by networking and joining relevant student clubs or organizations, engaging in volunteer work and community service, and seeking out shadowing opportunities and direct patient care experiences. Professional schools seek applicants that have demonstrated their commitment to learning about their prospective profession and are able to articulate their passion, preparation and competencies.

For students who are unsure about what healthcare profession they might like to pursue, we suggest first reflecting on your professional skills and personal strengths, as well as what your desired work environment and lifestyle might look like. In addition to exploring the information on our website here about the various healthcare professions, students can also use outside resources such as or the National Association of Advisors for Health Professions to find more information.

The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advising Office provides resources and advising to UConn students and alumni interested in pursuing any career in the health professions. Prospective applicants can make an appointment with our advisors at any time to discuss a pre-health track. 

We also suggest that students and alumni take advantage of the resources offered through UConn’s Center for Career Development (CCD). They have information for the Healthcare and Wellness Career Community, and have dedicated career coaching professionals who are eager to meet with students and help them explore potential career pathways.