Take your time

By Keely Greiner, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

It is easy to get caught up in hustle culture. We feel like we need to rush in order to get to where we need to go. Our society praises achievement in proportion with the age at which you have achieved something. We rush through life, always grasping for the next thing, and forget to enjoy life as it happens. At least, this is how I’ve felt.

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Changing study habits and knowing when to get help

By Qristine Owusu, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

I thought transitioning from high school to college was going to be a simple walk in the park. It turns out it’s basically an obstacle course marathon. High school always had its great days, great grades, and even great mental state! After I graduated and walked into college, I had the same mindset as I had in high school. I would go to class, do the work that would be handed to me, take my aesthetic notes for class, and go back to my dormitory. Once back in my dorm, I would not lay one finger on a book to study for each class. Of course, I did the classwork and homework assignments because it was what would be graded right away and I knew in the back of my head that it would need to get done. Every time I would enter an exam I went in confidently because I knew I did my homework and went to class every day, but my grades said otherwise. 

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Follow your passion: healthcare in an interdisciplinary approach

By Nour Al Zouabi, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

Feeling enthusiastic about a specific course, but it does not fit your major’s requirements? Take it! Feeling hesitant to change your major to a major that you are genuinely passionate about? Why not, since you are still contributing to diversity in the health field by bringing an interdisciplinary view to medicine.  Continue reading

Beginning your First Clinical Experience

By Keely Greiner, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

A lot of students find it daunting to begin their first clinical experience, especially if they will be working with patients directly for the first time. I remember being terrified, shaking and palms sweating, the first time I walked into my hospital. But, I kept an open mind, always asked questions, and took every opportunity to learn. I was flexible, I communicated with my coworkers, I helped however I could, and now I’m very confident in my work. I also have a much stronger stomach. 

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Thoughts, Fantasies, and Realizations

By Aesha Acevedo, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

Hi there. I’m a second-semester junior and am still not sure about what I’m doing with my life (*laugh out loud*).

I feel that as an undergraduate student, there are a lot of faculty, staff, and upperclassmen that try to ‘calm’ pre-health students down and remind us to breathe. But, ironically, we, the students, don’t do that even though we try. We get inside our own heads, think of the worst possible scenarios, and compare ourselves to other students. Why? It’s because we think we are seen as nothing more than applicants to our future medical, dental, PA, and other schools.

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