Deciding When to Apply

By Nour Al Zouabi, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

Deciding when to apply to medical school can be a daunting task, but it is important to remember that the timing of your application should not be the source of stress in your life. Instead, focus on building a strong application and making sure you are well-prepared for the medical school admissions process.

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Making Major Decisions

By Qristine Owusu, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

There are a lot of hot topics when it comes to college, but I think a very important topic is exploring majors. Entering college, I was very certain that psychological sciences was the most interesting major area for me. I thought being in this major could help me balance my future pre-dental course load and my fun courses for learning about the brain. Within three months of my freshman year, I was automatically influenced by other opinions around me: Continue reading

Being a Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

By Aesha Acevedo, Health Professions Peer Ambassador

Beginning my college journey, I knew I needed and wanted to gain more clinical experience to further ensure that being in the medical field was for me. I had never doubted myself in knowing that I wanted to be in this field on the clinical side of things, but I wanted to continue exploring my passions in new ways. 

In high school I had some experiences both in the classroom and through outside volunteering that led me to seek out this field. Those included being in an MRT [medical response technician]/EMR [emergency medical responder] class with practical exams, an honors anatomy and physiology course partnered with Yale School of Medicine students with cadaver exposure, and volunteering at Yale New Haven Hospital for a year working with various ages. I enjoyed doing all those things and yearned to do the same in college. Continue reading

Master’s v. Post-Bacc

By Keely Greiner, former Health Professions Peer Ambassador

As many of you know, the idea of a growth year (or years) is becoming increasingly popular among pre-medical and pre-dental students. Some students choose to advance their education before going to medical or dental school via a master’s degree or post-baccalaureate program. This post will be discussing the differences between them, popular options for pre-meds and pre-dents, and why you might consider these programs. Continue reading