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The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advising Office provides resources and advising to UConn students and alumni interested in pursuing professional careers as doctors of medicine and dental medicine, or as physician assistants. Learn more about our advising offerings here.

At the Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Advising Office, we recognize the importance of Black and Brown lives, acknowledge systems of oppression, and center diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work. To this end, we are committed to a sustained, holistic approach to advising that supports and celebrates the success of students from historically marginalized, underrepresented groups.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental ListServ
The ListServ is our main method of communicating valuable information about pre-health professional opportunities, events, and resources both on campus and off campus to interested students. We also consider joining the ListServ to be your unofficial way of declaring yourself on the pre-health professional track. It is imperative that you are on the ListServ to receive updates about the application process and relevant deadlines. Email premed_predental@uconn.edu from your UConn email address to request to be added.

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