Applying with Our Office

2023 Cycle Application Process & Timeline

UPDATED 8/11/22:

The Health Professions Applicant Portfolio (HPAP) application for the 2023 application cycle closed on August 1st (8/1). Applicants that have already met with our office for their coaching session or are scheduled to meet with us this week will still receive a letter packet with an individualized cover letter once they submit their Health Professions Letter Packet (HPLP) application. If a prospective applicant has not submitted their HPAP, they are still eligible to receive a letter packet without a cover letter, as long as they submit their HPLP by October 1st (10/1).
To date, our office has received 300 completed HPAPs. We have received 210 completed HPLPs; 123 other HPLPs have been begun and are yet to be submitted.
As of 8/11, 190 letter packets have been submitted to MD, DO, and dental programs; 31 unique dental applicants have had their materials submitted and 159 unique medical applicants have had their materials submitted.
(For context, our office typically works with anywhere between 250 and 350 applicants per cycle). 

For the 2023 application cycle (applicants seeking to matriculate into medical/dental schools in Fall 2023), our office will offer health professions candidates a Letter Packet, which includes an individualized, non-evaluative cover letter written by our advisors. This cover letter will highlight specific strengths and particular assets of each applicant's candidacy.

Application Orientation

The 2023 Cycle Application Orientation took place on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. on WebEx. The office requires that any student who is considering applying attend this orientation (or view the recording, available here) to become acquainted with the process and ask our team any questions that you may have.

Application Process

To receive a letter packet from our office, prospective applicants will need to:

Letter Packet Process Flowchart

  1. Attend our 2023 Cycle Application Orientation.
    The orientation took place on Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. on WebEx. For those unable to attend, a recording is available on the Workshops page of our website.
  2. Submit a Health Professions Applicant Portfolio in the Quest Portal.
    The portfolio application is open for submission as of Monday, January 31, 2022.
  3. Participate in a 45-minute Applicant Coaching Session
    Applicant Coaching Sessions will be scheduled starting Tuesday, February 1, 2022. They will be scheduled on a rolling basis, once the applicant has submitted their completed portfolio. We encourage you to be thoughtful when completing your portfolio responses and submit early in the spring so that we can schedule your coaching session before application systems open in May.
  4. Collect all individual letters of recommendation through the Health Professions Letter Packet in the Quest Portal. The letter packet application is open for letter collection as of Monday, January 31, 2022.
    Applicants are expected to submit the letter packet application in the Quest Portal once all individual letters have been received.

Letter Packets will be submitted on a rolling basis based on when applicants submit their complete set of individual letters to the office.
We strongly encourage all dental applicants to submit their materials by May 1, 2022, due to the quick turnaround time with formal dental applications.

To read more about our office's processes, what is expected of applicants, and why we follow this model, please read the information in the drop-down menu below.

A more detailed look at the process

  • Submit your Applicant Portfolio
    • The applicant portfolio allows you to explore, reflect on, and explain various facets of your pathway, including your motivation for pursuing this health profession, your competency-based strengths, and how your service experiences have influenced your path to pursuing this health profession.
    • These questions mirror many of the questions you will be asked in your primary and secondary applications, so we strongly encourage you to think about these carefully and to prepare full and thoughtful answers.
  • Discuss your portfolio in an Applicant Coaching Session
    • Your applicant coaching session will be a 45-minute-long meeting with one or two of our pre-medical and pre-dental advisors.
    • In this meeting, we will discuss your portfolio responses, ways to present your candidacy, logistics of how to apply, and any questions you may have about your application process.
  • Request and collect individual Letters of Recommendation
    • This process can be initiated before you complete your applicant coaching session, so we encourage you to send requests to your recommenders as soon as they have agreed to write a letter on your behalf. The sooner all your letters are received, the sooner we can prepare and submit your letter packet.
    • Once all of your individual letters have been submitted, you will submit them to our office via the Quest Portal. We will screen each letter to make sure that all of the formatting requirements have been met. If they have not been met, we will email you and direct you to contact the relevant recommenders individually to request that they send the office updated, correctly formatted copies of your letters.
    • We strongly encourage all dental applicants to submit their materials by May 1
  • Provide our office your Application ID(s) (e.g., AAMC & AMCAS Letter ID, AACOMAS ID, AADSAS ID)
    • The office cannot submit your letter packet unless we have received the relevant ID(s) from you; these are necessary for the uploading process.
    • If you do not provide your ID(s) to us in a timely manner, it will delay the submission of your letter packet.
  • Our office will compile and submit your Letter Packet
    • After your letter packet has been submitted, you are still welcome to contact the office with any questions you have about the application process!
    • If you decide that you would like to apply to more schools than you initially indicated (e.g., adding DO schools or Caribbean schools) you can ask our office to send your letter packet to those services. In such cases, send us an email with details about your request and any necessary instructions/contact information.

Application Timeline

January 26, 2022: 2023 Cycle Application Orientation (link here)

January 31, 2022: Health Professions Applicant Portfolio (HPAP) opens for submission in the Quest Portal

February 1, 2022: Applicant Coaching Session scheduling begins for applicants who have submitted their HPAP

February/March/April, 2022: Begin asking for and requesting letters of recommendation through the Health Professions Letter Packet (HPLP) in the Quest Portal.
This process can be initiated before applicants have completed their coaching session, so we encourage applicants to ask their recommenders as soon as they have solidified their intended letter line up.

May 1, 2022: Strongly suggested deadline for all applicants to submit their HPAP
For dental applicants specifically, our office suggests this as the deadline for all application materials to be received by our office. Given how quickly the dental admissions processes progress, Dr. Thomas Abbott [pre-dental advisor] encourages dental applicants to have their materials to us no later than May 1.
For medical applicants, this deadline is encouraged for HPAP submission because formal applications open in early May. We want our applicants to be ready to work on those applications only at that point, using the HPAP questions and Applicant Coaching Session feedback as ways to prepare responses for the primary applications.

Early May, 2022: Formal medical and dental applications (AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS) open
For specific dates regarding when certain applications open, please look at our primary applications page.

August 1, 2022: HPAP + HPLP submission deadline for Letter Packets with an individualized cover letter
After this date, our office will not offer personalized cover letters to any applicant seeking a Letter Packet.

August, 2022: Strongly suggested deadline for applicants to have all of their formal application components [primary application, secondary application, standardized test scores, Letter Packet] submitted to application systems (e.g., AMCAS, AACOMAS)
Due to the nature of rolling admissions for health professional school applications, the earlier applicants complete their applications, the better. Our office encourages all applicants to have their materials submitted no later than August to ensure the strongest chances of acceptance.

October 1, 2022: Final submission deadline for applicants to submit their HPLP and request a Letter Packet (without an individualized cover letter) from our office via the Quest Portal
After this date, our office will not offer Letter Packets for any applicants.
Note: Applicants can still request individual letters through the application systems (e.g., AMCAS, AACOMAS) after this date—this is done directly with individual letter writers, not with the help of our office.


Reporting Requirements

Please know while we will make every effort to review submissions as soon as possible, the materials you submit may not be reviewed immediately upon receipt. Please note that all University employees are mandated reporters of child abuse or child neglect. In addition, UConn employees have responsibilities to report to the Office of Institutional Equity student disclosures of sexual assault and related interpersonal violence; any information you submit on your applicant portal or composite updates forms is subject to UConn reporting policies. If you feel you need more immediate assistance or support, we encourage you to reach out to the Dean of Students Office and/or Student Health and Wellness - Mental Health. In addition, if you have concerns related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and/or stalking, we encourage you to review the resources and reporting options available at: