Eric Mohan; University of Connecticut class of 2020; Major: Chemistry; University of Texas Health McGovern Medical School MD program Class of 2026
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What are some meaningful extracurricular activities that you were involved in while at UConn?

RESEARCH!! Big part of my application. Showed my dedication and passion for science by getting involved with research. Some students don't like to do research because they ask "what's the bigger picture?". I suggest looking into labs run by MD/PhDs who conduct translational research Teaching: Best way for me to have mastery over academic materials was to understand it enough to the point where I could explain it to another student. Tutoring was a way to give thanks to my past mentors who gave me amazing opportunities to succeed.
Music: playing piano is extremely important for my mental health, and I made sure medical schools knew that I had a healthy way to express my emotions

What were some challenges you have faced along your healthcare journey so far, and how have you overcome them?

I was rejected from medical school the first time I applied, and IT'S OK! I quickly learned that they were judging an application and not me as a person. I contacted some mentors and admins in the admission offices to ask what I could do better, formed a plan to address those deficiencies, and tried my hardest to accomplish them within the next application cycle. It's important to know when to apply because it is very competitive, and while some people might not want to take a few gaps years, it's important to develop and mature as a human being. After all, if you cant take care of yourself, how are you going to take care of others?

What did you do during your growth year(s) and what did you learn?

My gap year turned into two gap years due to a failed application cycle. I moved to Houston to be a research assistant in a lab to gain research experience since I want to be a physician scientist. I continued to conduct research, and also mentored students and worked as a voting clerk during presidential elections to show that I was committed to my local community in my new Texas home.

What are some ways that you take care of your mental health and overall wellbeing?

Taking care of my appearance, playing piano, playing sports, hanging out with my friends, seeing my family, and eating good food.

What advice do you have for aspiring pre-health students?

KEEP AT IT. If you find yourself asking yourself, "why am I doing this?" that's completely normal. I call it the "premed crisis". All I can say is, know for sure that you want to do this. If you get rejected, would you apply again? No matter how hard it can be, always remember why you're on this journey and why you want to become a physician, and use those to motivate you to surpass your challenges

What’s something that you wish you knew when you were in college?

You don't have to apply ASAP. Make your application as competitive as possible, and if that means taking some time off, that's ok! My current med school class is composed of students who are 22-37 years old as an MS1.