Osteopathic Medicine

2016 Applicants: Composite Letter Registration

Students applying to medical, dental, PA, and other health professional schools this year for matriculation in 2016 (2016 Applicants) should register with the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Office so we can help you through the process and write you a composite letter.

If you have not already done so, please fill out our short online form to let us know you are applying and want a composite letter:


“How Do I get into Medical School?” Facebook Group!

UConn alumn¬†and current medical student at University of Colorardo School of Medicine¬†Ryan D’souza has created a Facebook group where he and his friends share stories of their trials getting into medical school, and are offering advice to current UConn students trying to prepare themselves as applicants.

Any pre-medical students with facebook are strongly encouraged to join!