Application History

Success of UConn Medical Applicants

The percentage of University of Connecticut students accepted into medical school has surpassed the national average in the past several years. The academic credentials of the national applicant pool and the University of Connecticut pool are below:

National Averages

Total: GPA 3.55    |    MCAT: 502.4
Matriculants:  GPA:  3.70    |    MCAT: 508.8

University of Connecticut Averages

Total: GPA: 3.58    |    MCAT: 505.5
Maticulants: GPA: 3.71    |    MCAT: 509.2

Between 2009 and 2012, we wrote composite letters for 401 students, and of those, 64.5% were accepted to allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. The national acceptance average over the same period was 43.4%.

Success of UConn Dental Applicants

The performance of University of Connecticut students is similarly more competitive than the national average:

National Averages

Total: GPA 3.4    |    DAT: 18.3
Matriculants:  GPA:  3.5   |    DAT: 19.5

University of Connecticut Averages

Total: GPA: 3.14   |    DAT:  19.2
Maticulants: GPA: 3.57   |    DAT: 20.1

Students applying to dental schools from the University of Connecticut in the past several years have had a 61.1% acceptance rate, whereas the national acceptance average was 42.5%

*National Dental Applicant/Matriculant averages based on centralized survey not regularly compiled so data here is taken from scattered sources.

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