Dental School Timelines

NEW APPLICANTS ONLY–2021 Cycle Composite Letter Timeline

1. Register for the portal here.

2. Complete the Student Registration, Competency-Based Admissions, HPED, Questions, and Resume pages of your portal.

3. Once you have submitted those five sections, check the “I am ready to schedule Pt I of my composite interview” box. The system will prompt you to enter your availability for a composite interview, but as a pre-dental student, please enter “N/A.” Dr. Abbott has traditionally not required a composite interview because he feels that he has gotten to know you throughout your four years at UConn well enough. However, if you are a transfer student or have never met him before, you may want to consider scheduling a regular appointment with him at and indicate “composite interview” in the notes.

4. Send out requests for individual letters of recommendation through your References page.

1. Confirm all letters of recommendation have been fully uploaded to your References page. Check the box that reads “Please check this box when ALL of your individual letters of recommendation have been uploaded to your References page.”

2. Complete the Course Grades and IDs pages of your portal

Composite letter will be submitted by 7/31/20 (provided all deadlines above are followed). Early submissions will be submitted as they are completed. 

Other 2021 Cycle Applicants:

If you are planning to apply for the 2021 cycle but are unable to submit all of your materials by the deadlines above, please contact our office at to discuss your options.

Please know while we will make every effort to review applicant portal and composite update submissions as soon as possible, the materials you submit may not be reviewed immediately upon receipt. Please note that all University employees are mandated reporters of child abuse or child neglect. In addition, UConn employees have responsibilities to report to the Office of Institutional Equity student disclosures of sexual assault and related interpersonal violence; any information you submit on your applicant portal or composite updates forms is subject to UConn reporting policies. If you feel you need more immediate assistance or support, we encourage you to reach out to the Dean of Students Office and/or Student Health and Wellness – Mental Health. In addition, if you have concerns related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence and/or stalking, we encourage you to review the resources and reporting options available at: