Composite Letter

Even though all medical or dental schools will accept either a composite (aka committee letter) or individual letters, there is a clear preference for a composite letter. This is mostly due to the enormous volume of letters that these schools receive during the admission cycle. By preparing the composite letter, this office saves you the time and postage to send out the letters and puts the letters in a coherent context which should improve your chances for admission.

To have a composite letter written for you please follow the steps outlined on our timeline. You must register with us so that we know you need  a composite letter. The composite letter is furnished to any University of Connecticut student requesting one, provided the appropriate arrangements are made sufficiently well in advance to have it prepared and submitted. Typically letters are sent out in the summer of the year that you apply.

Medical schools lose approximately 1-2 percent of the recommendation letters they receive. It is your responsibility (not this office’s) to call the medical schools approximately 2 weeks after the letters are sent to ensure that they arrived. If they have not arrived contact the office immediately so that the letter can be resent.