Application Profile

Timeline and FAQ

Please refer to the timeline to make sure you are following all deadlines. Also, you can view the Application section of our FAQs.

Establish Your Student Portal Page

Register with the Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Center to track all of your application materials! The admission year during registration corresponds with the year you will be starting professional school. Registration requires your net ID and net ID password.

Once you have registered, you will have access to your individualized web page.

Letters of Recommendation

You can ask for letters of recommendation through the web interface by providing the individuals email address and any other information you have about the supplier. Once you press the submit button, the system will email the person with a request to provide a letter on your behalf. At the same time a table will appear on your page with the date and person’s name supplying the letter. When the individual has supplied the letter, it will be noted in the table. You should ask at least three people to write letters of recommendation on your behalf and to forward them to this office. At least two of the references should be from University of Connecticut professors from science courses. Letters can be from people, or supervisors, you have worked with off campus. You are strongly encouraged to obtain letters from doctors or dentists. If you are applying to a DO school, you should have a letter from a DO.

Composite Letter

Once all of your letters are in the office (you can check yourself on your web page), and you have submitted the AMCAS or AADSAS application, you can then request that this office supply a composite letter of recommendationMedical school letters are sent out by AMCAS. Dental school letters go out through ADSAS. Dental school applicants must put my email address in their applications as the individual supplying the committee letter.

Follow Up

It is your responsibility to contact medical and dental schools to ask if your letters have been received and your file is complete! A key aspect of the application process is when you apply. This office urges you in the strongest possible terms to apply for both medical and dental school by late July of the year prior to your matriculation date. Both types of schools use a rolling admission process and you may be competitive in September but not in January. This office remains open all summer.