Sarah Biedermann

Class of 2017

Major: Biological Sciences and Healthcare Management

Studied at Wake Forest in the PA Program

Currently practicing in New York City in the Dermatology specialty

Q: What’s something that you wish you knew when you were in college?

Our college experiences shape us. Sometimes it feels like it is one blip in your vision of getting into medical school or pursuing your career. This thinking will destroy you, and will never make you feel satisfied, even when you reach your final destination. I have far too many colleagues and friends who regret that they didn't enjoy themselves and had a single vision of pursing their career ambitions, and are still not happy in their "dream" careers. While it may seem like an impossible path to be pre-med and still have fun, it is not impossible and very important to avoid burnout! Focus on doing things that make you happy while also trying to become the best version of yourself in school, with friends and for yourself. The trick is making these forces align, which is certainly possible in medicine if you set these goals to have a good life balance. College is only 4 years, while you have a lifetime to pursue your career... so enjoy it!